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Handmade original custom pet bird parrot thick warm clothes flight suit shape

$29.99 $ 20.99
Psittacula agapornis
Nymphicus hollandicus
Sun Conure
Monk Parakeet
Alexandrine Parakeet
Red-breasted Parakeet
Psittacus erithacus
Middle Cockatoo
Mini Macaw
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If you can provide more information such as the species, age, weight of your bird, neck circumference, abdominal circumference, that would be great. You know, not every same species of bird in the same size. Please be sure to clearly describe the shape features of your bird to avoid any unnecessary trouble. The more information you provide, the more appropriate the size will be. We are an original bird clothing studio from China. Our store has been on for three years. There are many oversea purchasing agents to buy things here. We offer hand-made kind birds clothing products. The design of our clothes can be adapted to many kinds of birds to wear.

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